Balfour Beatty's suite of market-leading software solutions help to visualise infrastructure condition and help with key decisions relating to rail assets.


ClearRoute™ is the market leading engineering software tool for calculating the clearances between railway vehicles and the infrastructure.

The software has processes for defining infrastructure and vehicles and can provide clearances between infrastructure and dynamic or static vehicles, passing clearances between a set of vehicles and stepping calculations for platforms.

  • Static and dynamic gauging with vehicle models compatible with active suspensions (tilting trains) and articulation
  • UIC kinematic gauging
  • Compatible with all forms of data inputs including LaserSweep™
  • Fully compatible with Network Rail and LUL standards
  • Cost-effective alternative to Computer Aided Design approaches to gauging
  • Training course available and technical support provided

ClearRoute™2 - launched February 2014, ClearRoute™2 offers a wealth of new and improved functionality as well as faster operating speeds to allow rail engineers to undertake gauging clearance analysis more effectively.

For more information see our ClearRoute brochure


DesignRoute™ is an interactive and visual software package enabling track to be designed to current Network Rail standards. The system is capable of providing effective horizontal and vertical track calculations, OHLE data, track, structure diagrams, and plotting facilities.

  • Easy to set up new schemes
  • Produces both vertical and horizontal track designs
  • Calculates all design limitations and associated constraints
  • Simple process for data inputs
  • Graphical or numeric outputs
  • Vertical and horizontal software is available separately or as a combined package managed through the flexible common user interface
    Training course available and technical support provided

For more information see our DesignRoute™ brochure


StressRoute™ is a software product designed to provide railway operating and maintenance personnel with a means of recording, monitoring and managing all infrastructure stress related data within the rail network.

  • Stores rail stressing/disturbance records
  • Enables monitoring of critical temperatures within the structure
  • Complete with standard template reports that can be adapted for use
  • Provides visual tools to aid data management
  • Increases traceability and security
  • Unique reporting facility reduces paper usage
  • Interfaces to Verse Testing records
  • StressRoute™ will also prioritise sites that require stress related inspections
  • Training course available and technical support provided

For more information see our StressRoute™ brochure


TrackRoute™ provides a flexible sophisticated data management suite for the administration of structure survey data. TrackRoute™ imports surveying data in a wide range of formats with data editing, survey version management and reporting facilities being provided. Track models can be created and tailored to a specific customer, region or country’s requirements. Data conversion facilities can be provided for integrating into clearance analysis software.

  • Used to manage the entire UK structure and gauging records
  • Links to various fields such as profile, location speed and geometry
  • Direct output to ClearRoute™ and HyperRoute™ analysis software
  • Provides survey and audit trail reports
  • Configurable to support customer specific infrastructure models
  • Graphical viewing of key values including cant, curvature, track fixity, measurement point density and gauge
  • Multi-level role based security model
  • Efficient data manipulation
  • Training course available and technical support provided

For more information see our software brochure


HyperRoute™ performs fast, accurate, fully validated clearance calculations. This system is available as a direct service, for in-house projects and work commissioned by customers.

  • HyperRoute allows a user to create a job, which could be a structure, passing clearance or stepping distance and define the proposed parameters
  • Significantly faster than equivalently featured desktop solutions
  • Latest algorithms providing enhanced accuracy of results
  • Capable of extensive route based clearance calculations
  • Simplified management due to central repository of data & results
  • 3rd party integration with Excel & CAD packages
  • Training course available and technical support provided

For more information see our software brochure


Our industry leading AssetView™ software system optimises the use of data recorded from data loggers and event recorders on the rail infrastructure to promote a ‘predict and prevent’ culture. This secure, web-based asset management system is compatible with most data loggers and allows the user to remotely identify trends in the recorded data to provide improvements in asset performance, reduce maintenance requirements and reduce costs associated with train delays. By using the real time track map replay facility, significant reductions can also be made in the costs incurred for fault investigations.

  • Web based system with no additional software required
  • Tabular and graphical displays
  • Configurable alert table
  • Full track map replay option available
  • Ability to save and export data, graphs and track maps
  • Ability to send scheduled reports, SMS and text messages
  • Full system support

For more information see our AssetView datasheet or the AssetView high level overview


DataMap™ is a Microsoft Windows compatible visualisation and analysis tool. It can be used to synchronise data from various measurement or recording systems and spatially locate the information on a geographical map. DataMap helps make the best use of data by making it simple to understand and providing the foundation for ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance regimes.

  • Wide range of data inputs
  • Operates with user specific geographical co-ordinates
  • Spatial synchronisation of all data
  • Excellent run-on-run location consistency
  • Statistical and exceedance reporting
  • Trend analysis
  • Predict and prevent (costs) analysis

For more information see our brochures for DataMap™ and DataMap™ Lite

Structure Survey Editor

Structure Survey Editor was designed to assist surveyors when undertaking measurements for tunnels, bridges and platforms by providing them with a tool that lets them view, and if necessary manipulate, profile data before undertaking any design or gauging clearance work. Data can be viewed at site and integrated with other measurements, such as cant and curvature. Measurement points can be edited to correct spurious points caused for example by lighting, foliage and areas of poor reflectivity.

  • A range of viewing and editing tools which support .Sc0/Xml data from an array of measurement devices
  • Allows inclusion of track geometry measurements such as cant and radius
  • Profiles from a whole structure survey can be viewed and edited together
  • Photographic images of structures can be associated with structure profiles
  • Multiple distance-base settings
  • Low cost solution with no annual maintenance charges

For more information see our Structure Survey Editor brochure

Database Management Services

We provide a complete and comprehensive database management service to maintain and manage data from many sources. Our Database Management team currently manages and maintains the National Gauging Database (NGD) for and on behalf of Network Rail as part of their obligation to the ORR for the continued distribution of asset data to support the industry.

Our services include:

  • Data input from hardcopy sheets
  • Administration and management of electronic data
  • Editing of raw data to produce customer specified end data
  • Data conversion between formats
  • End-to-end data processing
  • Creation of database commissioned reports
  • Cost and efficiency savings through automation of manually intensive systems
  • Development of relational databases and asset management software tools
  • All data management is undertaken in accordance with a fully audited ISO9001 procedure.