Painter Brothers

Structural steelwork

Painter Brothers produces modern and efficient structural steelwork.

We specialise in the manufacture of galvanized steel towers for electrical transmission and distribution. With a capacity in excess of 12,000 tonnes per annum, we produce inter-changeable parts with a first-class finish.

Working across Europe, we also manufacture masts and towers for radio, television, microwave and satellite communication. We produce lattice distribution poles, substation support steelwork, flare stack support structures, railway electrification structures and Callender-Hamilton lattice girder bridges.

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Painter Brothers - Our experts 'steel' the show

Painter Brothers is one of the UK’s leading specialists in structural steelwork manufacture. Paul Eaton, Director and General Manager, explains how the in-house team creates quality steel for a variety of markets, including rail, communication networks, and power transmission and distribution. Subtitles available.